How to Market Your Website Online and Offline

Once you’ve established your practice’s website and are satisfied with its look and functionality, you’re ready to begin self-promotion. Reaching the right audience is essential and there are a variety of ways that you can call attention to your site, its unique content, and message. Here are a few:

Announce Your News

  • A blog is a great way to spread your news and it can also draw attention to your site. Regular blog entries keep your content fresh and can garner followers who can subscribe via an RSS feed, not to mention return users who check in frequently to see what’s new.
  • Social media is another avenue to keep users informed about news and services, driving traffic to your site. However, too many announcements may put off users. So try not to inundate your potential visitors with announcements on every newsy tidbit, but reserve them for interesting and compelling news or special offers.

Orient Yourself

Many consumers prefer to search for businesses and services in their area. If you list your practice and associate it with a particular location, this helps users find you — close to home. Search engines like Google, bing, and Yahoo allow you to list your business, often for free.

Join Your Community

Making connections with sites that cover topics similar to yours can benefit your site, too. These relationships can result in linking opportunities, sending potential users your way.

Contacting every single site in your topic area may seem like the best way to increase your site’s traffic, but inundating everyone with your link requests may damage your website’s reputation, so choose your connections carefully.

Offline Tips

Draw attention to your site by adding your address to all of your hard copy communications, including:

  • Business cards
  • Newsletters
  • Letterhead
  • Posters

All the Tools You Need

From promoting your practice with search engine optimization to crafting custom content, The Doctor’s Bag can help you make the most of your website and help grow your practice. Contact ustoday.

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