What about Open Source and your Website or Medical Software Application?

“There are countless times where using the freely available, open source alternative would indeed work just fine for the majority of software requirements. I believe that by working together, both proprietary/closed source and open source software have a place in this world. Because embracing both options when appropriate translates into true software freedom.”  Matt Hartley

There is a lot of information out there about open source technology.  “Open source is a development method for software that harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process.” (OpenSource.org)  Though it can be a power tool to develop software, we believe 80% of Organizations out there, particularly Hospitals, Practices and other Medical Related entities should NOT consider such options to run their websites.

Why not Open Source for Hospitals, Medical Practices and Other Medical Related Entities?

The pro of open source is the same as the con of open source…anyone can see the code.  This creates an opportunity for hackers to find vulnerabilities within the software.  If done, someone could potentially alter your message on your website or even completely delete it from the servers. Just search “Hacks for X Software” and see what you come up with.  It is amazing what you can find just on You Tube!  Also, each time there is an upgrade to the open source software, you will need to upload it in order to protect yourself from potentially harmful people.  See what happened when Al Gore’s website was hacked for failing to update his WordPress software.

Open Source Requires more resources to keep it current

When you download and use open source software, you must consider who is going to help you when there is a bug, or a security patch.  Do you really have the man power, the time and the resources to cover this individual?  It might end up being more cost efficient to purchase the closed source, proprietary, software in the beginning than waste time, effort and resources fixing the headaches as they occur. 

The Doctor’s Bag

The Mediasation Content Management System that The Doctor’s Bag uses is proprietary software, not open source. That means that you have the security of knowing who has access to the software that is running your website. It also means that we’re here to stand behind the CMS and you.  Our team of developers is 100% accountable for every feature that rolls out and to listen to our clients on new features they would like to see. Because we work from a single code-base, as we add features and enhancements to our software, you automatically have these available to your site – no software to install, no patches to run. It just works, so you can focus on your patients and your message and not have to worry about the technology.