Biking, Head Winds and The Importance of Developing Referral Relationships for your Medical Practice Growth

In Helsinki, Finland, the children and I decided to take a bicycle trip through the city.  It was something different than a bus tour and got us out in the fresh air with a little bit of exercise.  It was 62 degrees this day, and the winds were blowing hard.  As the tour promised flat terrain, we decided to go for it.

They ride a bike in Europe called a Jopa Bike. Jopa Bikes Sometimes referred to as the “Schwinn of Northern Europe,” this bike sits more upright than our American bikes today.  It was a more pleasant ride than bending over the entire time.

We followed the waterfront around the city and saw the ship yard, the parks, the beaches and the former Olympic Stadium. The description of the terrain had been pretty accurate, however, we had a head wind the entire time.    As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, a head wind is ” a wind opposed to the course of a moving object, esp. an aircraft or other.”  We’ll, I will be the first one to tell you that the direct head wind pushing against us made it as if we were pedaling uphill the entire way.  It was extremely difficult.

For physicians starting out developing their medical practices, seeking new patients can sometimes be like riding a bicycle against a head wind.  It can be difficult.  Patients are often times concerned about your experiences, your education, your knowledge and, if you are a surgeon, patients will be concerned over the number of surgeries you have performed.  At the start of your medical career, one normally doesn’t have the experience to prove your expertise.

Referral relationships from both current patients and other physicians are important in building your practice and obtaining new patients.  They are like riding your bicycle with the wind on a warm, sunny, Spring day- pleasant and easy.  Trying to recruit and maintain new patients through a combination of traditional marketing and digital marketing can sometimes feel like riding your bicycle against the head wind – pushing uphill the entire way.

People trust what others recommend over advertisements.  There are many statistics on this.  Through referral relationships, patients will always trust what others recommend over a advertising mail marketing campaign.

Instead of building your medical practice going against the head wind, The Doctor’s Bag encourages you to develop patient referral relationships and physician referral relationships.  Through and online referral management software, you can truly see how your referrals drive ROI to your bottom line and help your build your practice.  It is a much simpler way to grow your practice, and less costly, too!

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