The Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Physician Practice

One of the best ways to reach out to your patients and potential patients is to use something that many people encounter on a daily basis: video. You know the most about your practice, so who better to introduce it and explain your specialties?

Here are a few of the advantages of using this pervasive technology to help market your medical practice:

Personalizes Your Practice: Video puts a face with your practice, creating a more intimate experience for potential patients and a deeper relationship for existing patients. It enables potential patients to “meet” you before they even set foot in your office.

Specify Your Message: Creating a video allows you to display a very specific message or niche, if you desire.

Portable and Available: Video is portable and offers anytime access. When potential patients are searching or browsing on their computers, phones, tablets, or other devices, they can watch your video content—whenever they want and wherever they want.

Ensures Engagement: Since video requires a person to be wholly engaged, with eyes and ears, they are more likely to view your entire message rather than skipping over text.

Cost-Effective: With some simple equipment like a digital camera or even a mobile phone, you can record a video and post it. However, for a more polished look, more sophisticated equipment may be required.

Increases Website Traffic: From piano-playing cats to how-to videos, billions of videos are viewed every day on YouTube and other sites. Posting your video on multiple sites can drive traffic to your website.

Videos can be one of simplest and most cost-effective ways to market your medical practice. Contact The Doctor’s Bag today to learn how you can increase your practice’s exposure and connect with patients using a video.